Quick Detailer 500ml Black | Power Maxed
Quick Detailer 500ml Black | Power Maxed
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Quick Detailer 500ml

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Quick Detailer is a liquid-wax-type product which enhances paint gloss and has a multitude of uses.


Quick Detailer

Power Maxed Quick Detailer is a liquid-wax-type product which enhances paint gloss and has a multitude of uses. Designed initially as a way to quickly remove dust, water spots and fingerprints just in time for a meeting, Quick Detailer is now used for a wide range of purposes. Professional detailers use it when they have left a tough wax or polish to cure to the paintwork too long, as Quick Detailer helps make the buffing process quicker, easier, and more visually effective when surveying the end result.

Perfect for:

  • Assisting polishing
  • Assisting waxing
  • Quickly spot-cleaning a vehicle
  • Spray-waxing your bike or car
  • Removing fingerprints from paintwork and glass
  • Polishing motorbike helmets
  • Waterless washes in hot or cold weather
  • Any vehicle from cars to bikes to boats
  • Creating effortless last-minute show-shine

Quick Detailer contains detergent products to lift light dirt and contaminants, but also contains Carnauba wax which replaces the contaminants on the paintwork, leaving a protective finish. The formula is totally unique and allows the user to complete a true waterless wash.

Directions of Use

Directions for Use:

1. Use in a cool, shaded area

2. Spray sealant onto a cotton pad or microfibre cloth

3. Wipe over one panel at a tie in even, light, overlapping strokes

4. Leave to cure for approx. 5 minutes

5. Buff off with a clean microfibre cloth



Alternatively… as a rinse-aid

1. Dilute 40:1 in water

2. Ensure car is completely clean after washing but before drying

3. Spray mixed solution in a mist over the vehicle, coating all materials from paintwork to glass to rubber and plastic

4. Rinse off

5. Dry completely using a drying towel


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