High Gloss Paint Sealant | Power Maxed
High Gloss Paint Sealant | Power Maxed
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High Gloss Paint Sealant

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High Gloss Paint Sealant is an easy on easy off sealant for those who want the best protection, durability, shine and beading. Powerful cleaning at affordable prices.


High Gloss Paint Sealant

High Gloss Paint Sealant is a sealant which bonds to the paintwork, plastics and rubber of your vehicle to keep its valeted and detailed look preserved for as long as reasonably possible. It can also be misted over the bodywork after washing and before rinsing to help thoroughly rinse the vehicle and minimise drying time.

Perfect for:

  • Protecting the vehicle paintwork
  • Alloy sealant
  • Sealing motorbike wheels and paintwork
  • Using as a rinse-aid
  • An all-round sealant for cars and bikes for use on glass, plastics and paintwork

High Gloss Paint Sealant forms a nano-shield against water and small contaminants, leaving the surface impossibly smooth to the touch, causing water beading and adding a depth of colour and shine to the paintwork. Lasting up to 4 months, particularly when layered (24 hours in between each coat).

Bottle size: 500ml.

Directions of Use

Directions for Use:

1. Use in a cool, shaded area

2. Spray sealant onto a cotton pad or microfibre cloth

3. Wipe over one panel at a tie in even, light, overlapping strokes

4. Leave to cure for approx. 5 minutes

5. Buff off with a clean microfibre cloth



Alternatively… as a rinse-aid

1. Dilute 40:1 in water

2. Ensure car is completely clean after washing but before drying

3. Spray mixed solution in a mist over the vehicle, coating all materials from paintwork to glass to rubber and plastic

4. Rinse off

5. Dry completely using a drying towel


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