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Carnauba Wax & Sealants

Bodywork Sealant

Power Maxed Bodywork SealantPerfect for: Protecting the vehicle paintworkAlloy sealantSealing m..


Monsoon Carnauba Wax Monsoon Carnauba Wax

Power Maxed Monsoon Carnauba Wax 100MLMonsoon Carnauba Wax utilises Hydrophobic Beading Technology t..


Summer Jacket™ Nano Sealant

Power Maxed Summer Jacket™ Nano Sealant POWER MAXED SUMMER JACKET™ Nano Shield is an easy on ea..


Tsunami Sio2 Polymer Wax Tsunami Sio2 Polymer Wax

Power Maxed Tsunami SiO2 Polymer Wax 200MLPower Maxed’s First Premium Grade Wax in a Black Glass Pot..


Typhoon Carnauba Wax Typhoon Carnauba Wax

Power Maxed Typhoon Carnauba Wax 150MLTyphoon Carnauba Wax a pure blend of T1 Brazilian Carnauba and..


Winter Coat Sealant

Power Maxed Winter Coat POWER MAXED WINTER COAT is an easy on easy off sealant for those who ..


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