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Sprays & Lubricants

Power Maxed Car Aerosol Sprays & Lubricants keep modern engines in top condition giving you better miles per gallon and performance. The Power Maxed Car Aerosol Sprays & Lubricants range cleans, lubricates and much more. Power Maxed Aerosol Sprays & Lubricants product testers report better than . That’s not all, Power Maxed Aerosol Sprays & Lubricants will give you a cleaner more efficient running engine which is better for the environment.

The Power Maxed Car Aerosol Sprays & Lubricants range has been designed to:

  • Non corrosive formulas
  • Powerful spray application
  • Most are suitable for all mechanical & other parts of the car
  • Fast & easy to use on all components
  • Safe for use on cars, vans, bikes, household & garden machinery
  • Proven results - Product testers report better than new engine performance
5 In One Multi Lubricant

5 In One Multi Lubricant 500ml A modern vehicle has so many different moving parts which rely upon ..


Air Con Refresh

Power Maxed Air-Con refresh is a powerful anti-bacterial air conditioning refresh product designed t..


Brake and Clutch Cleaner

Brake Cleaner Power Maxed Brake Cleaner improves brake performance by removing brake dust, dirt and..


Carb Cleaner

Carb Cleaner 500ml Power Maxed Carb Cleaner is a cleaning product in an aerosol designed to elimina..


Chain Lubricant & Wax

Chain Lubricant & Wax 500ml Power Maxed Chain Lubricant makes a tough job easy by loosening r..


Clear Grease

Clear Grease 500ml Power Maxed Clear Grease is a convenient and efficient aerosol, which dispenses ..


Copper Grease

Copper Grease 500ml The Power Maxed Copper Grease protects metal from corrosion, water, heat and ac..


Electrical Cleaner

Electrical Cleaner 500mlPower Maxed Electrical Cleaner is ideal for cleaning ignition components and..


Engine Degreaser

Engine Degreaser 500ml Power Maxed Engine Degreaser Aerosol is specially formulated to remove oil, ..


Penetrating Spray Oil

Penetrating Spray Oil 500ml Penetrating oil in a spray, ideal for loosening rusted joints or fixing..


Shock & Unlock

Shock & Unlock 500ml Power Maxed Shock & Unlock Spray combines powerful penetrating fluids ..


Silicone Lubricant

Silicone Lubricant 500ml Power Maxed Silicone Lubricant protects metal from rust and corrosion, pen..


Tyre Fix Repair

POWER MAXED TYRE FIX is designed to inflate your tyres after a puncture, welding the damaged tyre fr..


White Grease

White Grease 500ml Power Maxed White Grease is both a water and heat resistant lithium grease, idea..


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