Safety Data Sheets

Below you can find Safety Data Sheets’ (formerly Material Safety Data Sheets) for all Power Maxed products available on this website.

Each Safety Data Sheet (SDS) PDF is downloadable for your convenience.

500mls Range

PMTO500P1 Tar Off 

PMWC500P1 Winter Coat

PMST500P1 Sealant

PMR0500P1 Rain Off

PMFR500P1 Iron Off Fallout Remover

PMTTD500P1 Tyre & trim Dressing

PMDCP500P1 Deep Clean Polish

PWUFP500P1 Ultra Finishing Polish

PMSJ500P1 Summer Jacket

PMUPC5000P1 Upholstery Cleaner

PMLP500P1 Leather Protector

PMID500P1 Interior Dressing

1 Litre Ready To Use

GCRTU Glass Cleaner

BWRTU Bike Wash

ASRTU Anti Spatter

AWCRTU Alloy Wheel Cleaner

WW1000RTU Car Jet Wash & Wax

CWRTU Caravan Wash & Wax

TSRTU Tyre Dressing

AWSMRTU Alloy Wheel Cleaner & Stain Remover

HC1000 Hand Cleaner

TFRRTU Traffic Film Remover

PMCW100P14 Monsoon Carnauba Wax

CSUWRTU Shampoo Ultra Wax

3132FE Mesto Foamer 1.5L


5 Litre Concentrates

TFR5000 Traffic Film Removed 5L

HC5000 Hand Cleaner 5LV

GC5000 Glass Cleaner 5L

CSUW5000 Shampoo and Ultra Wax

TS5000 Tyre Dressing & Renovator

WW5000 Jet Wash & Wax

CW5000 Caravan Wash & Wash

BWSC5000 Bike Wash & Wax

AWSM5000 Alloy Wheel Cleaner

AS5000 Anti Spatter

AWC5000 Alloy Wheel Cleaner

SFC50000 Super Snowfoam


PMDPF Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

PMEFT Engine Flush Treatment

PMHVT Hydraulic Valve Treatment

PMDTIC Diesel Injector Cleaner Fuel Treatment

PMPTIC Petrol Injector Cleaner Fuel Treatment

PMSSL Power Steering Stop Leak

PMEOSL Engine Oil Stop Leak

PMRADST Radiator Stop Leak Treatment

PMASL Stop Leak & Slip Treatment

PMSSOT Stop Smoke Oil Treatment

PMRADF Concentrated Radiator Flush


PMBC500SC01 Brake Cleaner

PMCC500SC02 Carb Cleaner

PMCL500SC09 Chain Lube & Wax

PMCG500SC06 Clear Grease

PMCG500SC07 Copper Grease

PMEC500SC03 Electrical Cleaner

PMED500SC04 Engine Degreaser

PMML500SC40 5 in One Multi Lube

PMPO500SC10 Penetrating Spray Oil

PMSU500SC11 Shock & Unlock

PMSL500SC08 Silicone Lubricant

PMWG500SC05 White Grease

Other Products