Power Maxed Launch New Tyre Fix Product

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Power Maxed Launch New Tyre Fix Product
Tyre Fix Repair | Product Launch | Power Maxed

The holidays have shown us that there are some really inconvenient times for a puncture. Fortunately, we already had Power Maxed Tyre Fix in the pipeline, and it’s now available for our customers. 

Power Maxed Tyre Fix has been developed to provide an easy, speedy repair to punctures to allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible. With a money-back guarantee just like the rest of our range, you can use this product in absolute confidence that it will get you back on the road. 

Why buy Power Maxed Tyre Fix? 

1. Get back on the road

We don’t want to scare you, but according to data from the Highways Agency, vehicles collided into on the hard shoulder were only parked for an average of 11 minutes. It takes only one minute to inject Tyre Fix into a flat tyre, but takes up to half an hour to change the tyre. We wouldn’t risk it. 

2. Easy to use

Not everyone knows how to change a tyre, but even if you do, a spare is often limited to 50mph. Tyre Fix needs just 6 miles at 30mph to coat the inside of the tyre, be deflated and reinflated and the vehicle can be driven as normal. 

3. Buys some time

We strongly recommend having a tyre professionally repaired or replaced as soon as possible, but we all lead busy lives and sometimes need a few days’ peace of mind to work the repair into our schedule. 

For instructions for use or to order your can of Tyre Fix, click here

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