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Additive Labels Become Easier to Use

Power Maxed have recently undertaken changes to all labels across its entire range, motivated by legislation changes which affect the health and safety information displayed on each label. 

A side-benefit of this across-the-board project is that Power Maxed have managed to update the labels massively, helping situate them more accurately in the market, as well as making changes to improve ease of reference for customers. For the majority of changes, see here

Something just beginning to roll out, though, is the colour-coded Additive labels. Previously, all labels held the same colour scheme, and one had to read the text at the top of the label to determine whether the product was compatible with petrol or diesel fuel. 

The labels currently rolling out on new stock, however, will be colour-coded with a green accent for petrol additives, grey for diesel, and retaining the red for the universal oil, power steering and coolant additives. 

"This was one of those instances where we hadn't necessarily had complaints, but we knew we could make it easier for the consumer to choose the product which suited them best. Having a well-organised range of products which can immediately catch a consumer's attention from the shelf is critical to aiding sell-through for our stockists, and this is something we want to assist with at every opportunity," explains Graham Hollis, Sales Director for Power Maxed. 

Power Maxed anticipate that all orders from February 2019 onwards will be delivered with the new labels affixed. 

Posted by Power Maxed