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Carlin Driver Lando Norris to Become Driver for McLaren F1

Earlier this year, Power Maxed entered a product partnership with Carlin, the race team renowned for bringing up-and-coming single-seater drivers through to F1. Now, one of the most accomplished of their drivers, Lando Norris, has been signed for McLaren's F1 2019 team. 

Norris is due to replace Stoffel Vandoorne on McLaren's Formula One team for the 2019 season, after being reserve driver for the team this season and having driven the car in a practice session in last weekend's Grand Prix at Monza, Italy. 

On the last weekend in August, Norris drove prominent F1 driver Fernando Alonso's car at Spa and proved himself faster than Vandoorne; an incredible feat for someone with so little in-car time. Last weekend in the wet at Monza and in Vandoorne's car, 18-year-old Norris matched Alonso's pace exceptionally well, having been on course to set a similar lap time on his fastest lap until a busy track slowed him down. It was following this impressive drive that the final decision was made to recruit Norris. 

Currently, Norris is in second place in the Drivers' Championship in the 2018 season of Formula Two, just behind George Russell who until the weekend was five points behind Lando and is now 23 points ahead, making for a difficult but not impossible task for Norris to become Formula Two Champion of 2018; not bad for his maiden year in the Championship. 

Meanwhile, Carlin are currently sitting pretty at the top of the Teams' Championship. 

Carlin use Power Maxed products through and through, from Brake and Clutch Cleaner to Engine Degreaser to Quick Detailer and Rain Off Glass Sealant, all to help the team to run the cars as quickly and efficiently as possible, allow for the highest quality maintenance, and give the drivers any easement possible in wet-weather driving across BRDC British F3, FIA F3, FIA F2 and the EuroFormula Open. 

"The product partnership with Power Maxed was a great move for both parties. The products allow our mechanics to quickly and easily clean and maintain the race vehicles which is an essential requirement, and Power Maxed uses our feedback to enhance the products accordingly." Jodie Kemp, Press Officer for Carlin. 

Power Maxed Racing driver Senna Proctor in his first year of racing on the podium with 14-year-old Lando Norris. Congratulations to them both for coming all this way!

Posted by Power Maxed