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Power Maxed-sponsored Golf skin available in Gran Turismo Sport

Power Maxed are not only title sponsors of Power Maxed TAG Racing in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC), but we also sponsor team Power Maxed Racing in the VW Cup, made up of two Golfs and a Polo driven by Russell Joyce of Joyce Design, Paul Taylor (2017 VAG Trophy Champion) and Tom Witts (2016/2017 Runner Up).

We are excited to inform you that a very kind and dedicated Twitter user and member of NXTGEN Racing has created the 'skins' required to add our livery to the Golf and Scirocco options in Gran Turismo. Unfortunately the game does not support the Polo shape, hence the happily visually-appealing Scirocco below. 

The exposure from these skins increases Power Maxed brand reach to the potential player base of 5.5 million gamers, which is great brand exposure via a very different channel to our usual awareness channels. 

Take a look at the gorgeous replication below, and if you are a gamer, give these skins a download using tags "Joyce", "PMR" and "NXTGEN". 

Posted by Power Maxed