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27th to 1st: How It Really Happened

Last Sunday (8th April 2018), Senna Proctor, 2017 Jack Sears Champion for the best rookie, finished Round 2 of the 60th Anniversary season of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) in first place, having climbed from P27. 

One of the most outstanding races in BTCC history, this was Power Maxed TAG Racing's (PMTR) first win. 2017 was the first year PMTR raced the duo of K Series Vauxhall Astras, and the priority was retrieving data from any track time they could get to tailor the setup for each track and for the various conditions encountered in British weather throughout the season. The studying has clearly paid off. 

It's not all computers and graphs, though. The cars receive some serious TLC, thanks to title sponsor Power Maxed, to keep them in the best condition possible, inside and out. 

Brakes and Clutches

After every race weekend, the clutch is shimmed and reset, unlike in a road car where the clutch adjusts itself as it wears. A vital part of the shimming process is ensuring the clutch is clean after removing it from the vehicle, where Power Maxed Brake & Clutch Cleaner, made from entirely virgin solvents, makes the job a breeze and gives the mechanics utmost confidence that they are working with uncontaminated parts. 

Engine Components

Keeping the engine components clean and free of fuel dregs and other combustion-hindering contaminants is another job for the Power Maxed TAG Racing mechanics. Power Maxed Carb Cleaner is a useful tool here, breaking down gunge and surplus fuel which can affect the performance of the engine, allowing it to quickly and easily be cleaned away between races. 

Load-Bearing and Moving Parts

The British Touring Car Championship is brutal. Drivers are consistently elbowing each other out of the way, and wheels frequently lift off the track around tight, fast corners. It takes a good lubricant to prevent damage to load-bearing parts, which is why race-grade Power Maxed White Grease is the go-to lubricant for the mechanics, not just for mechanical moving parts but also for springs and other load-bearing moving parts.

Electrical Components

Whether the battery or the internal computer, electrical issues such as those experienced by other teams in the BTCC are avoided at Power Maxed TAG Racing by using a combination of Copper Grease as a conductive, heat-resistant lubricant for battery terminals, and Electrical Cleaner for computer and switchboard pieces to ensure the most uninhibited electrical signals possible during the races. 


Finally, Power Maxed Rain Off is applied to the windscreens of both Astras to help improve visibility in wet weather. Rather than relying solely on the windscreen wipers, which can interfere with a driver's view at the most critical moments, Rain Off allows the water to bead off the surface of the glass so that at racing speeds the water is almost immediately displaced out of the drivers' lines of sight. 

Of course, Power Maxed has been title sponsor of BTCC teams for over three years, and these products have been used continually throughout. The win at the weekend (and more to come, we are certain) was attributable to a combination of keeping the cars in the best condition possible inside and out, the use of data accrued by the mechanics behind the scenes, tyre choices and, of course, driver skill. 

Power Maxed vehicle care products are designed to perform on the race track so that they will certainly produce outstanding results on road cars. The products are available to purchase from most motor factors. 

Posted by Power Maxed