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How the Power Maxed Arenacross Tour Really Goes Down

In our last update you learnt the general rules and structure of the Power Maxed Arenacross tour. This time, you’ll learn about the atmosphere, the entertainment and the effects on all five senses, because this time, we’re reporting from our own experience at our local show in the Birmingham Genting Arena.


The first thing you need to know about Arenacross: It gets busy. Really busy. The queue outside was a snake of cold, shivering Brits reassuring themselves that it would all be worth the uncomfortable wait. It most certainly was, but don’t go in blind; get there early and avoid the queues.


Once you’re in, it only gets better. There is plenty to see before the show and the races start, including visiting the Power Maxed trade stand at certain shows and stocking up on Arenacross merchandise, and of course loading up on drinks and snacks ready for the jaw-dropping show.


Once in your seats, the track will capture your fascination and your imagination. Beautifully decorated with the impactful Power Maxed and Arenacross logos alongside those of many other sponsors, along with video screens and digital tickertape around the start-finish sign, the combination of spot and laser-lights dance over the entire track, illuminating twists, turns and tumultuous terrain easily capable of putting one’s heart in one’s mouth.


The show starts and the lights go crazy, the music gets louder, and the hype starts to seriously build, and with good reason, because the first “act” of the evening is a truly awesome one. Several freestyle motocross (FMX) riders take to the arena to simply launch themselves off a ramp, and then the rest is up to them. Flips, whips and daring tricks take place centre-stadium as the riders have the spectators on the edge of their seats, from only just returning upright in time for the landing ramp, to landing without holding handlebars, and everything imaginable in between.


The rest of the evening is packed with races, beginning with the Pro racers on their big, bad and very fast bikes, manoeuvring the twisting course and riding the uncomfortable terrain with ease. The races downsize throughout the first half, dropping to the Pro Lites; 15-23 year-old riders on 250cc bikes, a slightly quieter but by no means calmer race than the Pros. Next are the Superminis followed closely by the teeny tiny 7-10 year olds riding 65cc bikes around the track like their little lives depend on it, invoking jealously in any full grown boy (or girl) who may never have had the opportunity to enjoy such a sport as a child.


By the time the Pros hit the track again, it’s a stark comparison to the 65s class of little riders; it’s as if one’s ears have popped as the sounds of the considerably more powerful bikes fills the air and the smell of petrol cascades around the arena. The heat from the pyrotechnics travels easily over 100m into the crowd, heightening the adrenalin and excitement even further.


The second half is intense, with more FMX displays and heavier, elbow-driven racing between the Pro riders as the crowd, whether sport-supporters or not, unintentionally find themselves rooting for one rider or another, inevitably based on riding ability, colour of livery or the attractiveness of the man (ladies?). The team spirit travels in huge waves around the room every time an overtake, crash, win or lose takes place, commanding a fantastic sense of community.


All in all, the Power Maxed Arenacross Tour is a pool of entertainment ready to be dived into headfirst with all the family. The sponsorship agreement came about to introduce fans of the British Touring Car Championship, a team of which Power Maxed are a title sponsor of, to Arenacross and vice versa. The Power Maxed and AX brands are a match made in heaven and the brand coverage gained by Power Maxed at this show has been extremely far-reaching, helping the brand to reach an even wider audience than already achieved by our involvement within the BTCC.

There are four events remaining in the Power Maxed Arenacross Tour 2018, taking place from 26th January to 17th February in Belfast, Sheffield and London. This gives us a moment to take a deep breath before heading into the 2018 season of the BTCC with more determination than ever. 

Posted by Power Maxed