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WHY SHOULD YOU BUY OUR PRODUCTS?  When we make a product only the very best is good enough, that means we source and use the very best ingredients and then with years of experience behind us we blend them to what we believe to be the best recipe so you end up with the results you expect at a price you can afford. After all, if a product is cheap and it doesn’t do the job you want it to do surely you can’t get more expensive than that!?

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New 500ml Range
Car Care
Alloy Wheel Brush | Power Maxed

Alloy Wheel Brush

£ 1.99
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Car Wash Black 500ml | Power Maxed

Car Wash

£ 5.99
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Ceramic Ultra Seal | Power Maxed

Ceramic Ultra Seal

£ 19.99
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Clay Bar Medium Grade | Power Maxed

Clay Bars

£ 9.99
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Clay Cloth | Power Maxed

Clay Cloth

£ 14.99
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Product Spotlight

April 2020

Heavy Duty Pre Wash - Product Spotlight

Heavy Duty Pre Wash is fast and effective cleaning solution for a range of heavy duty vehicles. This product is suitable for use on all types of vehicles from cars, caravans and even construction vehicles.

Heavy Duty Pre Wash is a highly concentrated formula created for use with vehicles to remove large amounts of dirt and chemicals from a vehicles exterior. 

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Fast Delivery, Excellent cleaning power 5* service thank you ~ Ian White