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WHY SHOULD YOU BUY OUR PRODUCTS?  When we make a product only the very best is good enough, that means we source and use the very best ingredients and then with years of experience behind us we blend them to what we believe to be the best recipe so you end up with the results you expect at a price you can afford. After all, if a product is cheap and it doesn’t do the job you want it to do surely you can’t get more expensive than that!?

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New 500ml Range
Car Care
Alloy Wheel Brush | Power Maxed

Alloy Wheel Brush

£ 1.99
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Car Wash Black 500ml | Power Maxed

Car Wash

£ 5.99
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Ceramic Ultra Seal | Power Maxed

Ceramic Ultra Seal

£ 19.99
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Clay Bar Medium Grade | Power Maxed

Clay Bars

£ 9.99
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Clay Cloth | Power Maxed

Clay Cloth

£ 14.99
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Product Spotlight

January 2020

Ceramic Ultra Seal Feature

Our unique Ceramic Ultra Seal redefines what you expect from a detailer, developed with the same active Si02 content as our Tsunami Wax, giving unparalleled gloss and hydrophobic protective properties.

The active Si02 content extends the durability and hydrophobicity of existing coatings, applied wet or dry, the spray can be wiped on and off in minutes, leaving a long lasting high gloss finish.

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Power Maxed Deluxe Gift Set

Top notch service from the guys at Power Maxed, love the free mug thank you

Louis Evans Customer
Traffic Film Remover 5L | Power Maxed

Thank you, Power Maxed, for remarkable Christmas discount you provided me! I became a regular buyer because my family and relatives now adore your products. Look forward to seeing your next Facebook posts!

Amanda Radcliffe Customer
Caravan & Conservatory Wash | Power Maxed

It was my first time to buy Caravan wash and I can say I will order it again and again! Now I am retired I have plenty of time to clean my caravan, and this product works. Thank you, guys, for your excellent product!

Charles Snow Customer
Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair
Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair