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Why Use Carnauba Car Wax Infographic

Carnauba waxes are a perfect way to protect your vehicle against the weather. Carnauba car waxes often offer stronger protection than sealants will, but will not last as long. Carnauba waxes typically last 3 to 8 weeks, where a sealant can last up to 6 months. Carnauba waxes often bead & sheet water better than sealants, which makes your vehicle easier to maintain. If you do not know the benefits of using a Carnauba wax check out this infographic below.

Protecting The Paint Preserves The Paint

Applying a coat of wax as a part of a regular maintenance program preserves the integrity of the paint, it keeps the paint in great condition. Regularly applying a coat of wax costs a lot less than having the car repainted.

Maintaining A Coating Of Wax Makes Washing Faster & Easier

A layer of car wax will help prevent most air borne dirt and other contaminants from bonding to the paint, thus they will wash off easier, this will make washing your car faster.

Relaxing And Rewarding

Working all week at your regular job tends to bring with it a certain amount of stress and pressure, spending a Saturday afternoon washing, waxing your car is a great way to decompress and unwind.

Frequent Car Care is Easy Car Care

Putting your car on a regular maintenance program not only protects your investment and maintains a show room new shine, it also makes your car care routine easier and faster.

Be Prepared

Try to have a clean environment to work in, have plenty of microfibre cloths, applicator pads and of course plenty of wax on hand. Have a radio for some music and some cold refreshments to wet your whistle.

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