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Tips To Achieve A Professional Clean

On a sunny evening in the summer there is nothing better to do then to give your family car a clean to get it shining in the sun.

It’s said that 62% of car owners believe car appearance is essential, 53% of car owners wash their cars less than once a month.

This is pretty ironic seeing how people say that they love their car but they don’t keep their cars clean.

That is why you should always invest in some great tools and equipment to help you get that professional looking result from the clean, below you will find a range of tips relating to the different areas you clean on a car for helping you to clean your car to a lasting finish.

  • If you are planning to wash your car on a nice sunny day, make sure that the car is the shade, since with the heat and the car being metal you will find that you will end up with dry marks and smears across the bodywork.
  • When washing the car you should consider getting hold of some nitrile gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals in the cleaners and also protect the car from dirt that may collect from your vehicle while you are cleaning it.
  • Use a range of buckets to separate each area of the car that you are going to clean, this will save time with changing the dirty water when using one bucket and can help prevent transferring dirt from the area you just cleaned to the next.
  • Never use a sponge for cleaning your bodywork, they hold dirt and grit within the sponge after using, which if you then use for another section can cause damage to the paintwork of the car.
  • For cleaning the bodywork always use a microfibre cleaning mitt, the microfibre mitt fits directly on top of your hand like a glove and provides and all-round clean across the whole of the mitts surface.
  • For the windscreen and side mirrors of the car the best cloth to use would be the synthetic chamois, these cloths are super absorbent and help to prevent smudges on the glass while cleaning them. You can also use a separate one to clean the door shuts and alloys on the vehicle, this will help give the alloys a great looking finish.
  • As for the wheels use a cleaning brush that will be able to reach into the gaps and crevices on the wheels, pushing all the dirt out while brush.
  • Machine polishers can actually cause more damage to the paintwork then good, especially if the polishing discs are damaged. You should always polish and wax your car by hand in a circular motion to ensure an even spread.
  • When applying the wax to the car you should put it straight onto a cloth since this will prevent an even spread of solution across the car, you should consider purchasing a suitable foam pad or a cellulose sponge to apply the wax.
  • Polishing the car isn’t the same as waxing, all that polishing does is give your car a suitable glossy finish where as wax add an extra layer to the car that helps protect it from future dirt and scratches.

Posted by Power Maxed