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The latest range of Power Maxed products, Power Maxed Adhesives, are here. Designed to be used not just in the automotive industry, but also for use at home, in the garden, for hobby use or marine applications, our products are available in a range of formats. All adhesive products have been tested by our own BTCC workshop and are continually used for repairs and builds. From epoxy putties which cure to a tough, drillable material through to POWER Super Glue which can repair even the toughest of breaks, Power Maxed have the full range of extremely useful adhesives for both hobby, domestic and industrial uses.

  • Putties do not shrink during cure
  • Designed with the user in mind for ease of use
  • Automotive, domestic, industrial and marine applications
  • Most adhesives are fast curing and extremely resilient
  • Syringes provide equal ratios of epoxy mix for the best results
  • Medium and high strength threadlockers available

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