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Koolant Seal

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Made in the UK


Koolant Seal

Designed with Kevlar*, Koolant Seal is carefully engineered to provide the best possible permanent seal for leaks in coolant systems. Sealing coolant leaks is a preventative measure against blown head gaskets.

*Unfortunately, the use of Koolant Seal will not convert the subjected vehicle into a Batmobile. Nor does it guarantee bullet resistance of the coolant system. This has been extensively tested, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Great For:

  • Sealing leaks anywhere in the coolant system
  • Preventing future leaks in the coolant system
  • Preventing temperature-related blown head gaskets

When should I use Koolant Seal?

Are you finding that you’re topping your coolant up more frequently than you should? Is there water leaking from your car and onto your driveway? Is your car overheating even though you’re putting coolant in? You’re either putting your coolant in the wrong place or you’ve got a leak in the coolant system. Use Koolant Seal to repair the leak and prevent more serious problems.

How do I use Koolant Seal?

Allow engine to cool. Make sure enine is cool enough so radiator cap can be safely removed. Shake & pour the entire contents of Koolant Seal directly into the radiator. Fill radiator and overflow tank to proper level and replace the radiator cap. Turn the heater on and fan on high. Start the vehicle and idle the engine for 15 minutes. Turn vehicle off and allow engine to cool. Top up radiator level and leave Koolant Seal in the cooling system for continued protection.

Is Koolant Seal safe to use on any car?

Koolant Seal does not cause ‘clogs’ due to fibrous Kevlar pieces which only settle where there is pressure near a leak in the coolant system, resulting in a layered effect which prevents clogging. Koolant Seal may react with other products which are in the coolant system, so flushing the system before use is recommended.

I have a head gasket problem / white smoke coming from my engine – can Koolant Seal fix it?

A blown head gasket is often caused by the vehicle overheating, which is often caused by a coolant leak. Koolant Seal could therefore be a preventative measure against a blown head gasket, but not a fix once the damage is done. Check out our head gasket permanent repair solution, Steel Seal, which uses a thermochemical reaction to seal the crack in a head gasket to get you back on the road.

What if it doesn’t work?

All Power Maxed products come with a money back guarantee. If Koolant Seal doesn’t fix a leak in the coolant system, the leak in the system must be quite severe. If this is the case, we will give you your money back. Click here to find out how to claim your money back if Koolant Seal didn’t work for you.

  1. REMOVE: Remove the radiator cap once the engine is cold
  2. ADD: Pour the entire contents directly into the radiator
  3. IDLE: Fill radiator with coolant and idle the engine for 15 minutes
  4. FILL: Top-up the coolant level and leave Koolant Seal in the system for future protection

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