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The Power Maxed Arenacross tour is a result of a relationship between two adrenalin-powered brands developed alongside motorbikes and cars respectively. The relationship was brought about to introduce FMX fans to the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and vice versa.

Power Maxed was launched as a brand of vehicle care (additives, aerosols, adhesives, lubricants and valeting and detailing) products in 2013 as a major sponsor of two Chevrolets in the BTCC, evolving to now having its own Vauxhall-backed Manufacturer team in the championship.

As a special thank you to Arenacross fans, Power Maxed are offering heavily discounted product bundles below.

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Arenacross Bronze Bundle

Designed to quickly and effortlessly remove light dirt, grime and general soiling from cars, bikes, ..

£19.99 £26.97

Sale New
Arenacross Silver Bundle

Designed for bringing a car, motorbike, van or other vehicle from a state of complete filth to a per..

£29.99 £44.95

Sale New
Arenacross Gold Bundle

Designed to transform a lightly soiled vehicle into one which is clean, polished and protected again..

£39.99 £59.94

Sale New
Arenacross Diamond Bundle

Contains products chosen to clean, polish, wax and seal any vehicle for the ultimate paintwork care ..

£49.99 £102.92

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